Did you know that over 25% of the computer users experience some sort of data loss each year? You could only realize the true scale of this problem when you consider that there are over 40 million computers/laptops in UK.

We specialise in recovering lost data for our customers. Our experienced in-house team could help with you almost any data loss situation including hard drive failures, accidental deletion of files, disk re-formatting, file overwrites, damaged or corrupt partitions, software corruption and failure, etc.

We can sort out even the more difficult data loss issues like mechanical hard drive failures, platter damages from head crash, flash drive failures, physical damages from fire or flood, electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures, dropped hard drives, etc.

We can provide a fast and effective cloud based backup solution to your computer system (PC, server or Mac) as well as your IPad and Android phones. Our service not only enables you to back up your documents and files but also your entire computer systems. We can even enable you a bare metal recovery from hardware changes such as hard drive replacement.