Story of BH Computing

The story of BH Computing started in 1990, when a bright mature student – now known to many as ‘Our Bernard’ – graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Physics and Electronics. He never looked back ever since.
Our Bernard first got involved writing the software code to install a hardware kit that enabled an astronomical equipment to interface with a PC. He then swiftly moved to Panasonic as one of the highly sought after test engineers. He was soon discovered by a company called Celestica to work on Sun Microsystem motherboards which were a tough nut to tackle back in the days but our Bernard excelled.

All the advancements and developments

Those were the days when computers were quite basic as compared to what the technology is today. Our Bernard has seen and experienced all the advancements and developments in the industry first hand. To be fair, he has forgotten more than most have ever known.
And then the time came when Our Bernard decided to put the knowledge he had gained to serve the community and started BH Computing in 2009.
One of the major USPs for Our Bernard – which puts him head and shoulders above his competition – is that he has religiously kept up the pace with these technological advancements and has always used the latest and more reliable service tools to look after his clients.

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Another key differential between Our Bernard and others is the quality of personal service provided to both business clients as well as domestic customers.
So, when you need a fast and reliable service to fulfil any of your computing needs, BH Computing is the obvious choice.

Fast & Reliable Service

We provide quick, friendly and committed IT support to all our clients across the North West.

24/7 Partnership for Businesses

‘24/7 Partnership’ is a monthly subscription scheme for businesses where we look after your business round the clock, seven days a week.

Priority Partnership for Homes

‘Priority Partnership’ is a FREE to join membership for our domestic customers where they receive priority service over non-members.